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String Mops

Our cotton string mop floor cleaning system

Vileda Professional offer a wide range of floor cleaning systems, for small areas 10-50m2 we recommend socket mop systems but for larger areas above 50 square meters Kentucky mops are more effective as they cover larger areas faster and have higher absorbency..

Choose the right floor cleaning system for your needs

Get in contact with us and allow us to advise you on one of the following cleaning systems for hygienic vertical mopping:

Kentucky cotton mop – the economic choice

  • Absorbent with good water release
  • For use all kinds of floors
  • Cotton
  • Weight: 400 g

Kentucky mop – the flexible choice

  • Cotton and viscose non woven
  • Highest absorbency and durability
  • Lightweight

MicroCott Kentucky mop – the high-performance choice

  • 50% microfibre 50% cotton
  • Highest cleaning performance
  • Effective water release after wringing

All our Kentucky mops are suitable for use with our vertical press trolley and bucket on wheel systems.

Contact us now for help and advice on deciding if our Kentucky systems are the right choice for you.