Hygienic education cleaning with Vileda Professional

High people density means even higher responsibility

Having clean educational facilities is paramount to the welfare of children, students and staff. With the overall high people density at public locations, facilities at schools and universities can quickly become a breeding ground for sicknesses and infections – if they are not maintained properly. This even more applies to sports halls, leisure centres and other sites with public changing areas. But as cities and local authorities often have only a limited budget available for cleaning, it is important to achieve a clean and safe environment at a low total cost.

With Vileda Professional solutions you can achieve highly hygienic cleaning at a lower total cost-in-use for:

  • School cleaning
  • Kindergarten cleaning
  • University cleaning
  • Local authority cleaning
  • Leisure facility cleaning

Ensure health and safety - for your cleaning staff

In educational environments, many health risks become increasingly visible - including asthma, viral and bacterial contamination. Our pre-prepared cleaning solutions are made to battle these dangers: We offer solutions that help you to control contamination and thus increase overall health and wellness of children, teachers and your cleaning staff. Furthermore, all the tools we provide are developed with high ergonomics in mind to minimise back strains.

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Cost effective cleaning without hygienic sacrifices

Reduce cleaning costs with pre-prepared microfibre solutions

Vileda Professional offers pre-prepared microfibre systems for hygienic education cleaning to combat the most common hygienic issues. Besides visible improvements in cleanliness our microfibre products offer you:

  • Reduced water consumption - helps to save costs and natural resources.
  • Reduced usage of chemicals - cleaning chemicals are suspected to cause or worsen asthma and breathing diseases in general.
  • 99.9% removal of known bacteria, dirt and dust
  • Avoidance of cross-contamination between rooms
  • Dry floors - our pre-prepared microfibre mops leave no damp areas where microbes could grow. Plus faster drying floors avoid slipping accidents.
  • Better ergonomics and ease of use - there is no need to carry heavy water buckets around. And thanks to a low friction and easy handling the risk of repletion strain injuries is considerable lower.

In addition, Vileda Professional products have a high durability and a long service life. The choice is yours: Save money by purchasing cheap products or reduce long-term costs by investing in long-lasting professional cleaning solutions for education.


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