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A clean working environment for your success

A clean working environment is a healthy one. But in today’s offices the implications of hygiene go much further: Cleanliness plays a vital role in productivity, safety and morale – it is essential for worker’s health and wellbeing and thus crucial to the success of a company. This in turn means that increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of your cleaning staff is crucial to your success.

Professional products for greater cost efficiency

Despite some major technological advances in working environments, the demands on office cleaning haven’t exactly decreased. Two trends have contributed to this:

  • New materials, shiny and sensible surfaces are being utilised in office spaces.
  • Daytime cleaning is being integrated into the daily office processes.

Simultaneously the demands on effectiveness, cost per square metre, ease of use and staff training are constantly increasing. This means you must invest more time, which also means more money.

We provide you with the most efficient and ergonomic tools for your line of work. And by backing them up with comprehensive training, we ensure the very best cost in use for your needs.

Accomplish more with Vileda Professional

Reduce cleaning operation costs in times of high staff turnover

Daytime office cleaning puts high demands on both utensils and the cleaning staff. Top cleaning results without interfering with the office business is the trick. To do it right, your staff must be well trained. But keeping up with the training of a highly fluctuating staff raises costs and cuts into productivity and efficiency. The solution: Cut training effort – and thus overall costs of your cleaning operation – by purchasing easy to use products.

Vileda Professional offers efficient, easy to use solutions for:

  • Cleaning of office buildings during the daytime hours
  • Cleaning of desks
  • Cleaning of office furniture
  • Cleaning of sensible surfaces
  • Cleaning of shiny surfaces

Master new challenges posed by new materials

New materials pose new challenges for your staff: Interior design in offices has had a trend towards high gloss surfaces on above the floor surfaces. These require specific solutions that traditional cleaning methods do not meet.

  • Large and very time consuming to clean with a cloth
  • Touched by users – resulting in greasy dirt and fingerprints which are difficult to remove
  • Finished with high gloss which makes smears and dirt easily visible

We provide you with all you need for fast, efficient and safe cleaning of interior surfaces. For glass partitions, stainless steel, mirrors, tables, whiteboards and many other surfaces inside of modern offices.


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