Products of Dustmopping


Vileda Professional Dustmopping Solutions

For fast removal of loose dust and dirt

The disposable dustmop range comprises a range of viscose and polypropylene non-woven mops that contain a special permanent oil impregnation treatment that retains its effectiveness even after storing for long periods.
Ideal for use in dry cleaning hospitals, offices and computer rooms the pre-impregnated surface collects dust like a magnet and reduces the number of airborne particles.

Durable dustmops for fast removal of loose dust and dirt as part of daily maintenance or preliminary cleaning.
When used as part of a maintenance system dustmopping acts as an intermediate cleaning step to reduce the frequency of wet or damp mopping.
Dustmopping can also be used as the preliminary cleaning step of a two step floor cleaning process to remove fine dust particles and solid elements before damp or wet mopping.