Hi-Stat+ Dust Mop Tie-On

The ultimate dust mop.
A must when you demand ultimate quality and value.
• All of our HiStat+ dust mops have the ability to remove
dust without the need for expensive and potentially
hazardous dust mop treatments.
• HiStat uses electrostatic properties to attract and hold dust particles.
• Our HiStat+ dust mops are manufactured from durable yarn that is sewn onto a durable
polyester backing.

  • Synthetic yarns with superior pick-up ability
  • No dust treatment needed.
  • Dust pick-up and retention through static attraction. Long lasting abrasion resistant fibers, Picks up large debris,
  • Good launderability
  • Standard slot pocket synthetic backing. Durable polyester backing dries quickly.
  • A real problem solver
Description Size Art.no Case Packs/case

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