File PRO: the file management software to manage and access documents anytime, anywhere.


  • Store, manage and access all your documents in the cloud

  • Ensure that sensitive data is protected while data integrity is maintained

  • Manage user rights to determine who can access what

  • Your GDPR compliant file management tool

Find out how the iQonnect File PRO module works. 

The iQonnect File PRO module is the cloud based and GDPR compliant file management solution. It enables you to safely store all your documents in any format: pictures, PDFs, Excel sheets, videos, and many more – everything that might be relevant to you.

File PRO allows you to archive even sensitive data while ensuring that your files are protected, and data integrity is maintained. Set and manage user rights in the system to determine who can access which folder.

Create and manage all your folders with File PRO.


Create and manage all your folders with File PRO.

  • Use the web portal to create any folder structure and change it, if necessary
  • Some folders (site-, employee-, element- and equipment-folders) are created automatically by the system
  • Define access rights per folder, means who can read and edit which files in folders
  • Site folder access rights are managed automatically: a site folder is only accessible to those users who have the permission

All documents at hand, wherever you are.

  • Use the web-portal to upload files to folders or remove them
  • Use your mobile to access, manage and download any of your data
  • Let our intelligence do the rest: As soon as a paperless PRO form or a Fix it PRO ticket is submitted, the PDF is automatically created and saved in the folder corresponding to the configuration of the form 

Your files are multilingual now.

Translate all your folder names into many languages – the same folder can be displayed with different names in the mobile and portal areas depending on the language setting.

Start now to upside your business!


Start now to upside your business!

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