MicroWindow Big

Few surfaces are so easy to scrutinize as windows, especially when the sun shines through them.
That´s why microfiber is the name of the game when it comes to window cleaning. That´s why you should use MicroWindow big for top result and maximum cost effective cleaning.

MicroWindow big

Top performance
MicroWindow big is produced with 100% microfibre which means you can be sure the cleaning performance is outstanding. Water soluble and fatty dirt like fingerprints are removed in no time - of course with one-step wiping movement and with leaving absolutely no streaks behind.
As it glides superbly over the surface the stress on hands and arms is minimized, cleaning is faster and costs are lower.

Size matters
Also the size - 60 x 36 cm / 15x24 in – and bulkiness adds to the ergonomic advantages - MicroWindow big provides good grip and is easy to rinse and wring. Over and over again during the shift.

Top economy
When you sum up all advantages – top quality, one-step, streak-free cleaning, easy gliding and bulkiness that contributes to your staff´s well being, washability of more than a 500 times – you can clearly see that MicroWindow big boosts your overall economy and profit on the bottom line.
Let the sunshine in on both performance and money!

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