MicroRoll MicronSolo Dispenser

Lint free cleaning performance

With MicroRoll there is no requirement for investment in laundering facilities and staff do not
need to change their current cleaning practices. The result is improved cleaning results with no
additional workload.


MicroRoll is made out of endless microfibres by utilizing a patented Freudenberg technology. It is designed as a semi-disposable cloth-on-a-roll concept: No hygiene issues derived from cross-contamination. No requirement for investment in laundering facilities. Excellent value-for-money.

Hygiene & Safety
Not only the disposability makes MicroRoll a hygienic solution. 99.9% of bacteria are removed by utilizing MicroRoll´s microfibre cleaning performance. This has been proven
by tests carried out by an indepent institute in the UK: Microsearch Laboratories.

MicroRoll makes 1-step cleaning possible. A better cleaning result in less time. This is extremely important on delicate surfaces like glass or mirrors.
70% Polyester, 30% Polyamide

MicroRoll is suitable for the bucket method as well as for the spray cleaning method. It can be used on all water resistant surfaces such as desktops, cupboards, bars, tables, etc. Also surfaces in sanitary areas such as e.g. sinks, toilets, tiles can be cleaned with MicroRoll.

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