UltraSpin Mini

UltraSpin Mini is a simple to use, compact system that combines a revolutionary spinning press with a 100% microfibre mop head. The results are effective cleaning, in less time, at lower cost and with less strain for the user.

UltraSpin Mini is adaptable for use in all small areas. In cafes and restaurants the high absorbency and effective press makes it ideal for fast spill pick up. Also as you control how wet the mop head is through the spinning process you can use it across all applications from very dry cleaning of delicate flooring through to very wet for disinfection processes.

UltraSpin Mini is very easy to use. Simply place the mop in the cleaning solution, insert into the wringer, press the foot pedal to start the spinning motion then remove and start cleaning. Plus as the spin wringer is operated by a foot pedal it is very ergonomic
for users backs and wrists and they do not need to bend or push a lever to operate the press.

Customer benefits
• Microfibre mop head
• Ergonomic, no bending
• Fast spill pick up
• Wide 30cm floor coverage
• Splash guard ensures no water spills
• Triangular head, easy corner cleaning
• Works on walls and floors

Description Color Art.no Case Packs/case
UltraSpin Mini Refill blue 152901 1
UltraSpin Mini blue 157394 1

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