UltraSpeed Pro Second Bucket

The UltraSpeed Pro second bucket fits onto the back of the chassis and is the easy way to convert from a single to a double bucket system.

When used as part of a double bucket cleaning process the bucket can fit either side of the main bucket allowing the press to be mounted either in the middle of the buckets or at the back of the system. The unique front and back profile ensuring no water drips between the buckets in either configuration.

Alternatively If you want to fulfil more cleaning tasks you can use the second bucket to carry chemicals, cloths, paper etc. The easy to remove design makes it ideal for carrying these items into washrooms or other areas to speed up the cleaning process.

Product Benefits

  • Easily converts single bucket systems into double bucket
  • Allows double bucket cleaning with the press in the back or middle of the buckets
  • Unique front and back profile results in no water drips between buckets during wringing
  • Can be used as a storage bucket on single bucket systems
  • Easy to put on and replace
  • 8ltr usable water capacity
Description Size (liters) Art.no Case Packs/case Art.no. Pack Pieces/pack
UltraSpeed Pro bucket 25 L 25 L 508243 1 114002 1

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