Swep System

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Swep System

Vileda Professional Swep is the first pre-prepared damp flat mopping system for quick and thorough cleaning – a success story going on for more than 40 years! The ergonomic design prevents strain injuries and makes floor cleaning efficient and with a hygienic cleaning result. Swep is available as single sided and a double sided system. Get your Swep System by Vileda Professional now!

For ergonomic and efficient mopping

Designed for a variety of different cleaning areas, Swep System is a multipurpose system. The mop is available as single sided or double sided version to fit your needs perfectly. By choosing Swep you benefit from a complete cleaning system that combines the best ergonomics with the highest performance in cleaning efficiency and hygiene:

  • Swep MicroPlus and Swep MicroTech mops remove 99,99% of bacteria from surfaces
  • Swep MicroPlus is up to 30% more efficient at removing stubborn dirt than similar mops
  • Swep MicroPlus provides optimal moisture distribution – on average 40% better than comparable systems
  • Low friction and easy handling reduce the risk of repetition strain injuries

Effective cleaning on every surface and area

The Swep pre-prepared mop system is especially designed for use in all sectors, building types and areas. Due to its rectangular shape, even small corners can be reached.

  • hospitals
  • schools
  • hotels
  • office environments
  • and many more
  • floors
  • walls
  • ceilings
  • staircases
  • glass
  • toilets
  • safety flooring

Get your Swep – cut your costs

You can choose between Swep Duo and Swep Single. Swep Single has the same features as Swep Duo, but comes as a single sided solution for smaller areas such as single patient rooms. Save costs by mixing the Single and Duo edition for smaller and larger purposes.

The Swep Duo is the double-sided solution allowing you to clean twice the area with each mop without compromising quality. Save your money because with Swep Duo you only need to purchase and launder half the number of pre-prepared mops:

  • 50% lower investment costs
  • 30% lower laundry and handling costs
  • 27% faster than conventional flat mopping

Also, the material of the mop is highly resistant and machine washable daily for more than two years which makes the Swep even more environmentally friendly. Trust in the market leading performance by Vileda Professional. Get your Swep System now!