The pocket mop was developed as we understand that your requirements in terms of usage, performance and budgets vary.

Each flat mop is 40cm wide and uses a pocket attachment to the frame. The 40cm width is ideal for use across all sites as they are large enough to cover large open areas quickly yet compact enough to be used in tight areas with lots of obstacles such as washrooms.

The pocket attachment method simplifies the attachment of the mop to the frame. Just open the frame, place the frame on the mop, push downwards to close the frame and you are ready to clean. Colour coding tags ensure correct separation of mops per area or department.

You also benefit from the combination of the latest generation of microfibre technology with other innovative materials. Combined with a lightweight handle and mop frame the pocket mop system gives easier, effective cleaning with improved ergonomics.

Trio Mop

The Trio Mop was designed for heavily soiled surfaces, unstructured floors, tiles etc. Its unique triple zone construction ensure three levels of clean: white zone for high cleaning performance, grey zone for low friction, beige zone for high absorbancy, and the fringes to collect and remove all loose dirt particles. Lastly, this pocket mop is very durable as it is machine washable over 500 times.

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