Pocket Mop r-MicroTech

CombiSpeed Pro r-MicroTech Mop from Vileda Professional – made from up to 30 % recycled materials

As one of the world´s leaders of innovative cleaning solutions, our goal is to offer more than just products that keep sites and surfaces hygienically clean. The Vileda Professional range should also contribute to a healthy planet as well. Therefore we created a whole new series of products. The products in the range are marked with an "r".

r for responsibility. r for resources. r for recycled. Read on now to find out more about the CombiSpeed Pro r-MicroTech mop cover made from sustainable materials!

"Love It Clean" - sustainable cleaning products from Vileda Professional

CombiSpeed Pro r-MicroTech (50 cm) is made from three and a half 0.5 l PET bottles. The environmentally friendly mop is suitable for the reprocessed cleaning method, thus reducing chemical and water consumption. Thanks to its innovative microfiber technology, CombiSpeed Pro r-MicroTech offers excellent hygienic cleaning results. Even without the use of detergents, you can count on up to 99.99% removal of viruses* and bacteria**. At the same time, the Vileda Professional CombiSpeed Pro r-MicroTech mop combines sustainable environmental friendliness and performance with ergonomic as well as uncomplicated handling when mopping floors.

The CombiSpeed Pro r-MicroTech pocket mop made from recycled microfiber has been awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel - making it one of the most environmentally friendly offerings in microfiber-based cleaning performance. Choose our sustainable products - you can recognize recycled cleaning products by our "Love It Clean!" label, which underlines our commitment to recycling, safety and cleaning efficiency.

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* tested with Bovine Coronavirus on vinyl surfaces in an external laboratory.

** tested with P. aeruginosa on vinyl surfaces in an external laboratory.

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