Polypropylene Fill Street/Barn Broom Head 16" (Wood)

Coarse Sweep

Polypropylene is a synthetic fiber available straight or crimped in a variety of colours. The fiber is very light with excellent resilience to acid and most solvents. Polypropylene has poor recovery from crushing, however, it can be used in hot water and has good wearing properties.

Ideal For: Usage with many strong solvents/acid and abrasive scrubbing.

• Excellent for extra rough surfaces, in heavy debris. Can be used in both wet and dry applications.
• Coarse thicker Polypropylene bristles for added stiffness.
• Hardwood block has 2 tapered handle holes.
• Perfect for any heavy commercial sweeping in parking lots, streets and industrial areas. Designed for constant outdoor sweeping and scrubbing.
• Durable heavy duty Polypropylene makes this broom ideal for sweeping the heaviest soils on rough surfaces in wet or dry applications.
• Assembly required for complete unit (pushbroom head and handle)

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