Horsehair/Bassine Fill Broom Head 18" (Wood)

Coarse Sweep

A combination of both horsehair and bassine fibers. Horsehair is a natural fiber that comes from the tail or mane of a horse. The fiber is considered a soft to moderately stiff material that offers good texture and resilience. The soft texture of the fiber makes it ideal for picking up fine dust.

Bassine is a natural fiber that is obtained from the select and stiffer portions of the palmyra palm. It is the superior quality or the select grade of palmyra fiber. Bassine is durable, which makes it an ideal choice for stiff scrubbing applications.

Ideal For: Outdoor usage where both stiff scrubbing and fine dust cleaning is required.

• An exceptional combination of a horsehair for fine dust and a bassine center ideal for heavier debris.

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