Vileda Multiple Tool Holder

•The Vileda Handle Holder fits most handles and is designed to organize your cleaning tools, saving you storage space.
Ideal for use in broom cupboards, the laundry, garage, garden shed, workshop or utility room.
4 Handle Compartments
Rubber grippers hold mops & brooms securely in place with its easy snap in, snap out design.
3 Hooks + 3 Grippers
The 3 hooks and 3 grippers allow you to organize additional cleaning tools like cloths and brushes.
•Total maximum weight is 3lbs (1.4kg)!

• Free up your work space with our Tool Bracket. The tools you use most often such as, mop handles, brooms, brushes, pushbrooms, etc. are held firmly, yet released quickly.
• Sliding clips make it easy to adjust spacing.
• Tool Bracket can accommodate 7/8” to 1 1/8” standard diameter handles.
• Additional clip holders can be added.

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