Lobby dust pan with ERGO handle

Our MI800 series of Lobby Dust Pans feature a large tray and a long
aluminum handle.

The larger tray is able to hold more and features a better refined edge which is ideal for brushing in finer particles. Our lobby dust pan has been specially designed with a better angled slope which prevents dirt particles and liquid spillage from escaping once swept in. The longer lightweight aluminum handle allows for a more ergonomic usage and eliminates bending. We offer a choice of lobby brooms, from an angled to a poly toy broom. The choice is yours.


• Ideal for spot cleaning in any commercial, industrial and janitorial application, indoor or out.
• No bending necessary.
• The metal lobby dust pan is available in a rich black finish with a 30 cm / 12 inch self closing lid to prevent debris from spilling.

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