SafePlus System Maxi

Trust the PLUS - The safest way to dispense single use microfibre wipes

Premium high-performance microfibre wipes meet an innovative dispenser. The SafePlus System Maxi is a cleaning cloth dispenser for professional cleaning. The SafePlus MicronRoll Maxi microfibre wipes clean and disinfect at the same time. They are intended for single use and achieve the highest levels of cleanliness. The wipes are designed for fast and most hygienic cleaning of all surfaces, even in high-risk areas, and to avoid the risk of cross-contamination. SafePlus MicronRoll Maxi is also gamma irradiated for additional hygiene

They remove stains, dust and even stubborn dirt such as dried body fluid or finger prints. With only water, they can remove of 99.51% of bovine corona virus and 99.98% of bacteria from surfaces, making them an indispensable cleaning aid. Simply add disinfectant of your choice and bring hygiene to the highest level. 

Product benefits of the cleaning cloth dispenser: 

  • Your PLUS in hygiene:  Remove up to 99.98% of bacteria or germs and 99.51% of bovine corona virus with leading microfibre performance
  • Your PLUS in safety:  Our most hygienic and innovative cleaning cloth dispenser system on the market with antibacterial and self-closing flexible lid 
  • Your PLUS in flexibility:  Use the cleaning agent or disinfectant of your choice and prepare when required 
  • Your PLUS in functionality:  Preparation is safe and easy, disposable microfibre wipes last longer in hygienic conditions 

The high-quality cleaning cloth dispenser for professionals 

The SafePlus Dispenser Maxi is the safest and most innovative cleaning wipe dispenser system from Vileda Professional. The wipe roll is sealed in a polybag and fits perfectly into the dispenser, providing additional safety during preparation, use and storage.

The innovative closing system provides you with extra safety and functionality. The antibacterial, self-closing, flexible lid of the dispenser guarantees that it will never be left open again. Certified antibacterial properties on the flexible lid ensure that it remains antibacterial even after 80 autoclave cycles.  

The cleaning wipe dispenser and single use wipes are designed for cleaning hygiene sensitive areas. There are numerous fields of application -  the dispenser and wipe cloth can be used -  in patient and examination rooms and operating theatres in hospitals, spa and swimming pool areas in hotels, kitchen and front of the house in restaurants, to clean fitness equipment.

Other properties of the cleaning cloth dispenser and wipes: 

  • Use the wipes with the disinfectant or cleaning detergent of your choice
  • They are solvent resistant and tear resistant in damp conditions 
  • They can be used together with the Origo2 Trolley 

In case you need a solution for on-demand or occasional cleaning, the mini wipes-dispenser SafePlus System Mini is your best choice. The cleaning cloth dispenser and wipes improve the distribution of your cleaning products and agents. Save up chemicals and cleaning products to reduce solvent waste and increase your overall cost efficiency. For effective, easy and hygienic cleaning. Get the professional cleaning cloth dispenser and start optimising your cleaning processes now! 

Description Color Size (cm) Case Packs/case Pack Pieces/pack
SafePlus Dispenser Maxi grey 250x180x220 166918 4 166920 1
SafePlus MicronRoll Maxi (120 wipes) blue 28 x 30 166910 6 166914 1

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