MicronQuick is based on the successful QuickStar micro cloth from Vileda Professional, developed to an even higher level of cleaning performance level.

The patent pending Vileda Professional Micron Fibre Technology provides the finest split microfibres on the market, for deeper and more effective cleaning.

MicronQuick is ideal for the pre-prepared cleaning method and offers a range of advantages for use
in daily cleaning


MicronQuick is manufactured by using a uniquely fine microfibre – probably the finest
split microfibres on the market. Compared to existing fibres, each MicronFibre has been split up into 32 segments.                                                                                                    This means considerable advantages, in all kinds of applications:

  • Superior cleaning Performance
  • Up to 99.99 % bacteria removal. Proven by independent test institute (BMA)
  • 25% improved cleaning performance, tested by the Fraunhofer Institute.
  • Streak-free cleaning, no water residue left on the surface
  • Lint free
  • Improved wear resistance
  • Easy to wring out and rinse

MicronQuick has a very low friction action, which improves ergonomics, plus the
streak-free result means faster cleaning and easier handling. Due to the cloth´s low
volume, laundering costs are optimized and this combined with several hundred washing cycles means lower overall costs. MicronQuick is colour coded for maximum Hygiene.

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