UltraSpeed Trio Mop

UltraSpeed Trio Mop

UltraSpeed Trio Mop

UltraSpeed is the complete wet flat mopping system that combines intensive microfibre cleaning with a revolutionary high performance press. The system is so easy to use that anyone can start cleaning without the need for training.
The unique press wrings out more water than traditional gear presses, allowing floors to dry faster and be back in use quicker – vital in high traffic areas.
The unique strip fastening of mops means there is no need to remove them for wringing.

For use on heavily soiled surfaces, unstructured floors, tiles etc. The looped yarn construction takes the shape of any floor, removing trapped dirt and the external fringes collect and remove all loose dirt particles.

Excellent for spill pick up with the capacity to pick up over 500 ml in between each wringing process saving time. Additionally Trio mop is highly durable and machine washable over 500 times at 95°C.

Manufactured with a unique triple zone construction:

  • White microfibre zone – high cleaning performance
  • Grey zone – low friction
  • Beige zone – high absorbency
Description Size (cm) Art.no Case Packs/case Art.no. Pack Pieces/pack
UltraSpeed Trio High Absorbancy Mop 42 cm/ 16 in 143202 20 143236 1

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