Swep Duo MicroTech Mop

The Swep Duo System is tailor-made for economic, ergonomic cleaning with two-sided, pre-prepared mops. The system is specially designed for office environments, residential properties and schools, but also suitable for hospitals, hotels and restaurants.
Swep Duo can be used on floors, stairs, walls as well as on doors and ceilings, and meets the highest demands when it comes to cleaning performance.

Microfibre fringe mop for intensive microfibre cleaning performance, easy gliding and maximum durability. Highly resistant to chemicals.

100% polyester


Description Size (cm) Art.no Case Packs/case Art.no. Pack Pieces/pack
Swep Duo MicroTech High Performance Microfiber Mop 50.8 cm/ 20 in 127425 25 516294 1
Swep Duo Mini MicroTech High Performance Microfiber Mop 35 cm/ 14 in 143820 10 143856 1

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