non Woven String Mops

non Woven String Mops

non Woven String Mops

Non-woven string mops

  • Made with microfibre and synthetic blends.
  • Extremely high absorbent
  • Low weight -easing up carrying heavy wet mops -ergonomically oriented


Our Active8 comes with Silver AG, making this mop with unique antibacterial properties.

Semi-Disposable-non-woven string mop

The most absorbent mop.  At 8oz, this mop is

•70% Polyester;  25% Viscos,  and  5% Others
•High absorbency
•Linting reduction 40% less than standard string mop
•Great floor coverage
With the price of a semi-disposable mop.

Product Benefits

  • Kentucky mop holder: very strong locking ring to fix the handle self locking to ensure mop is safely fixed
  • Kentucky mop: for wet mopping of floors
  • Mop head with strips of non-woven material
Description Color Size Size (cm) Case Packs/case Pieces/pack
Active 8- Microfibre mop with Silver-Antibacterial blue Medium Medium 161577 20 1
Semi Disposable Non Woven Mop white 8 oz 8 oz 163607 24 1

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