Bee-mop Classic Sponge Mop refill

Bee-Mop Classic

The Vileda Bee Mop has remained a staple for cleaning ceramic, linoleum and wood floors. And the tradition lives on with its new and improved lightweight design and angled head that cleans easily and deeply, and tops an ergonomic, easy-wring handle that leaves your hands dry. With its Super Dry sponge, the Bee Mop lets your floors dry three times faster than traditional sponge mops

Bee Mop Classic Sponge Mop

Give it your all with the Vileda Bee Mop – the sponge mop whose efficiency started it all!

Angled head that makes deep cleaning effortless.

Lightweight and easy to use.

Easy to wring with ergonomic soft grip handle.

Super Dry sponge – floors dry three times faster than with conventional sponge mops.

Keeps hands dry.

Effective on all hard surfaces – ceramic, linoleum and hardwood.

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