Marino 22QT yellow bucket and side press wringer combo

Junior Sidepress Combo
• Economical alternative to our MA1133
• Small design for quick manoeuvrability in smaller areas
• Handle can be inserted for left and right hand operations
• Slide-out water divider.

Sidepress Combo
• Our sidepress bucket and wringer combos are designed to meet the demanding
requirements of the most sanitary environments
• Our buckets feature single bail handle which eliminate the possibility of pinching
and 7.6 cm / 3 inch non-marking ball bearing casters that provide smooth easy
movement, guaranteed not to fall out.
• The durable stain resistant one piece construction is easy to clean and sanitize
and does not provide a breeding ground for bacteria
• Quiet, smooth operation, easy to work with and ideal for general building
cleaning, restaurants and hotels.
• Convenient opening for mop access

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